Central Station

Central Station

PROTECCIÓN DE SEGURIDAD, S.A., is a Central Station designed to meet the standards of Underwriter Laboratories.  It is the first and most modern Central Station in Central America.  Equipped with the latest technology, it is able to oversee thousands of theft and fire alarms, as well as medical emergencies and flooding.

Following are a few aspects of our facility that guarantee a superior and uninterrupted service:

  1. Restricted access through steel gate and two bulletproof steel doors controlled with pre-programmed proximity cards.
  2. Phisical Security for 24 hours.
  3. Seven (7) properly trained control operators and twelve (12) technicians working 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  4. Electronic Security through 26 cameras and motion sensors.
  5. Four Alarm receptors and 16 telephone lines, two servers and four monitoring stations.
  6. Two wireless alarm receptors; one being two-ways with grade A supervision and interrogation for maximum security.
  7. Alarm receptor via IP.
  8. Audio verification.  In case of alarm, we can listen to the sounds of the intruders and even maintain two-way communication with the place in alarm.  This way we can confirm the validity of the alarm.
  9. Video verification.  In case of alarm, we have video access to the developing activities at the place in alarm.  The owner of the place may also have access to this video feed via internet.
  10. Temperature, humidity, flooding, and medical emergency supervision.
  11. Battery backup capable of functioning for up to 72 hours without electricity.
  12. 200KW Power Plant.

• Access Control Systems
• Burglar Systems
• CCTV Systems
• Fire Alarm Systems
• Time and Attendance Systems

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